About Our Practice

Physicians are trained to use pharmaceuticals to treat diseases and symptoms.  Our physicians go beyond this approach.  Finding the root cause is the best way to heal the body.  Focusing our attention on the patient’s nutrients, lifestyle and the environment, allows us to consider ways to promote the healing processes that God gave us.  Integrative Medicine focuses on health and healing instead of disease. What could be the answer to ultimate health?

We believe the answer is Integrated Medicine.

Meet Our Wellness Support Team

Integrative Wellness is led by Dr. Turner. His goal is to turn the tide of pharmaceutical-only disease care into true patient-focused healthcare.

Dr. Randall Turner, DO, FAIHM

Dr. Randall Turner, DO, FAIHM, began his career in emergency medicine over 30 years ago. While he thoroughly enjoyed treating challenging cases, he found that many patients presented with a multitude of issues that could not be addressed in the limited time permitted in an emergency setting.  Additionally, their problems could not be managed with the traditional pharmaceutical approach. His desire to use holistic and functional medicine to heal the body as God intended, inspired him to pursue additional education.

Dr. Turner decided to embark on a fellowship in Integrative Medicine. He has made it his mission to focus on true health care rather than disease care and get to the root of his patient’s ailments.

He attended West Virginia School of Osteopathic Medicine. His postdoctoral work focused on Internal Medicine in Massillon, Ohio, and Charleston Area Medical Center. Dr. Turner has also completed his post-doctoral fellowship in Integrative Medicine. Past positions include serving as a Director of Emergency Medicine, Member Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine, and Life Member WVSOM Alumni Association. Dr. Turner is Board Certified in Urgent Care Medicine.

Cheryl Turner

Cheryl is a very passionate person who loves to help others. She began studying natural medicine over 10 years ago and her journey began there. She needed to find out the reason so many children were becoming Autistic and had so many food sensitivities and eczema. That led her down a path that has placed her where she is today.

Cheryl truly believes God put these desires in her heart and this is the place He wants her to be. The greatest part of this team is they are all very dedicated to help others to heal and restore their faith in healthcare again. Cheryl is so blessed to work beside her husband Dr. Turner everyday.

Jo Plybon

Jo Plybon, Board Certified Registered Nurse, brings forty years of experience to the Integrative Wellness office, where she cultivates meaningful relationships with our patients to advance their health and healing. Jo’s approach is rooted in the integrated mind-body-spirit perspective, and she incorporates alternative and complementary therapies to benefit patients who have not found relief through traditional treatments. She truly believes the body can heal itself under the right conditions, and is pleased to be part of our wellness team. 

Hailey George

Hailey George is an enthusiastic and hardworking soul who brings light to our front desk, where she manages appointments and ensures that our patients receive timely updates. As holistic care has always fascinated Hailey, joining Integrative Wellness was a natural choice for her, opening doors to continuous learning, meaningful connections with patients, and the opportunity to explore natural treatment options. Hailey’s positive energy and commitment to wellness uplifts our patients on their paths toward vibrant health.

Lori Menas

Lori Menas is a beacon of holistic wellness at our practice, bringing over thirty years of dedicated study to Integrative Wellness. A certified Reflexologist, Kundalini Reiki practitioner, and Holistic Life Coach, Lori graces our front desk with a nurturing presence, boundless knowledge, and caring spirit. With a special interest in energy medicine, Lori offers invaluable support to others on their own wellness journeys as she manages appointments and ensures that our patients receive timely updates. 

Heather Chipps

Heather Chipps, a former ICU nurse of twelve years, embarked on a transformational journey in motherhood to safeguard her family’s well-being through natural methods. That quest ignited a passionate love for holistic practices, reshaped her approach to caring for patients, and led her to Integrative Wellness. At our practice, Heather’s gentle and compassionate nature guides our patients through their wellness journeys with ease, while providing them with valuable knowledge about their bodies and beyond.

Caleb Sikarskie

Caleb is a dedicated holistic health enthusiast with a passion for empowering individuals to achieve their full potential. As a valued member of our team at Integrative Wellness, Caleb is committed to providing personalized guidance to clients on their wellness journey. Caleb’s unwavering dedication to helping clients thrive embodies the core values of our company, making him an invaluable asset to our team.

Defining Integrative Medicine

The principles of our practice

Patient and practitioner are partners in the healing process.

All factors that influence wellness and disease are taken into consideration.

Care addresses the whole person – body, mind and spirit.

We use all appropriate healing therapies and nutrients to restore your health from the foundation to facilitate the body’s innate response.

Effective interventions that are natural and less invasive are used.

Integrative Medicine is a whole body systems approach that examines the “why” behind your symptoms and disease.  It is also about having an approach that Integrates and investigates food, lifestyle, dna/epigenetics and the environment that influences our state of  health.

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